Expect Action, Education and Transformation

You’ll leave The Instigator Experience with clear next steps, valuable relationships and a support system to keep you on track.  You’ll learn everything from how to tell YOUR unmistakable story to dealing with the inevitable setbacks and challenges of any journey worth taking. And you’ll experience the emotional breakthroughs and radical identity shift necessary to do the best work of your life.

In other words, you’ll leave with everything you need to bring your cause or movement to life.

Are You Ready?

We’ve designed The Instigator Experience to be a small event with a capped list of 60 attendees. We personally review every application and once those spots are filled with the right people we’re done so don’t delay sending in your application!


The Talks

  • Day One
    Tell Your Unmistakable Story
    Much of your path and purpose in life is determined by the stories you tell about yourself. With the right story, you gain the confidence and ability to capture the imagination of anyone you come in contact with. Janelle will guide you through a step by step process that allows you to tap into you and your movement’s unmistakable stories.
    Create Your Own Little Corner of the World
    You own your story. Now it's time to build the stage from which you'll be telling it, in a way only you can. Linda is our guide, leading instigators through the platform-building principles that have launched the careers of many best-selling authors and six, even seven-figure book deals.
    Create an Irresistible Invitation for Others to Join Your Movement
    You've built your platform. You've told your story. Now You want to deliver an unmistakable experience turning fans and followers into friends and fanatics. But how? In this session Jadah will reveal how to take imperfect action (with strategy and heart) to transform a community into a world-changing movement.
    Build your Dream Team of Advisors and Mentors
    When you find the right mentors, it catapults you and your platform into the best possible future. Charlie will be sharing principles that anyone can use to create mutually beneficial relationships with their ideal mentors and advisors.
  • Day Two
    Lead Yourself to Lead Your Movement
    Throughout the entire course of history, leadership has proven itself to be the one essential element that connects all successful movements. Victor brings his own personal story of transformation--turning himself into a leader--and taking a personal project that is now itself a movement, transforming the face of higher education.
    Fund Your Dreams
    Crowdfunding has become the new normal for so many movements in 2015 and beyond. Musicians like Amanda Palmer, authors like Seth Godin, and instigators like you have tapped into the power of crowdfunding to fuel their movements. The gatekeepers are gone and the opportunity to do work that matters is endless. Through proven case-studies and examples, Clay will teach participants how to leverage the power of crowdfunding to support their work.
    Harnessing the Media to Move Hearts and Minds
    The modern media landscape is ripe with opportunity for you to build a passionate and powerful tribe around your movement. Brigitte will give participants a framework for crafting a media message with the potential to reach millions.
    Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks
    In any journey worth taking and any movement worth starting, you'll be faced with setbacks, adversity and losses. They are an inevitable part of life. Using the principles of brain science, Christina will show participants how to to turn the most difficult experiences of our lives into a catalyst for profound growth and radical transformation.

2 Life Changing Days

60 Attendees Who Will Change The World

Application Only

9 Amazing Instigators

3   45- Minute Speaker Roundtable Sessions

The Most Unmistakable Event Space Imaginable

Opening Night Kick Off Reception

Lunch and Dinner Served Both Days

Closing Night Celebration (With an Open Bar)

$1800.00 or 3 Installments of $635.00

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We’ll be reviewing applications through the end of January