Pricing and FAQ

When and Where is it? 

San Diego, CA. April 23-25, 2015. We’re holding a private kickoff reception the night before the event, so we recommend that you plan on arriving early on  April 23rd and returning home on April 26th. The venue will be disclosed soon. For the purpose of booking airline tickets, plan on flying into San Diego International airport. (The venue is about a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport)

How much Does the Whole Thing Cost and What’s Included? 

Most of our speakers charge thousands of dollars for access to their time. Your combined investment in all of their expertise would be several thousand dollars. But for access to all of them for 2 full days, including 3 45-minute roundtables (where you’ll get face-to-face interaction with the speakers), the workshops, a private welcome reception, 4 meals (including a closing cocktail party) and a very unmistakable and intimate (only 60 attendees) setting it’s an investment of only $1800.00.


First, we want people who are serious about their work at the Instigator Experience. Second, we believe that our audience is an ecosystem. The more diverse the participants, the richer the ecosystem, and the more everybody grows as a byproduct. Finally with a group of 60 people we can’t have any bad seeds… Yep we said it.


One of the things that frustrated us about the conferences we’ve been to is how little time attendees actually get to interact with the speakers they PAID to see.  Little more than waiting in line, a quick handshake and a business card exchange happens. By limiting it to 60 attendees, we can create a lasting connection, and ensure that attendees get as much time with the speakers as possible. In the unlikely event that one of our attendees is crazy enough to give up their spot, we will have a waiting list. 

Who Should Apply? 

Dreamers and visionaries who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are action oriented, and are determined to turn their movement into reality.  Ultimately, Instigators. We want people with movements that could change the world in some meaningful way.
If you’re looking to just sit and listen to speeches all day, or if you’re looking to be inspired, but return home and do nothing, you shouldn’t apply. 

Who is instigating all this? 

Srinivas Rao is the host and founder of Unmistakable Creative, the popular podcast for creative entrepreneurs. Since starting the show, he has interviewed hundreds of insanely interesting people,  including Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Danielle Laporte,  and Dilbert creatorScott Adams. Today the show has a global audience of tens of thousands of listeners. He’s the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller The Art of Being Unmistakable, and a keynote speaker at organizations and events such as Linkedin, Podcast Movement, New Media Expo, Eye For Travel and many others. 
He’s also had a lot of help from some amazing friends and mentors.

What’s the refund and payment policy?

Unmistakable Media, Inc. provides the following alternatives for the payment of the 2015 Instigator Experience:

1. Full Payment – $1800

2. Installment Payment Plan: Consists of three payments of $635. The first payment is due by 1-31-2015 at 5:00pm PST and is a non-refundable deposit. Second payment is due on 2-28-2015 at 5:00pm PST and the third payment is due on 3-31-2015 at 5:00pm PST. Failure to pay any installment may result in forfeiture of attendance to the 2015 Instigator Experience.

Attendees must notify the organizers by 1-31-2015 if they intend on choosing the Installment Payment Plan. Individuals on the Installment Payment Plan may also opt to pay the remainder of their ticket cost ($1905 total) at any time prior to 3-31-2015 at 5:00pm PST

All refund requests must be made in writing to: Once notice of refund is received, reservation is immediately forfeited.  Refunds will be issued in the same method of payment and will take up to ten business days from date of notice to process. No exceptions will be made.

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